Community co-creation knowledge sharing – 1st internal workshop

During a windy, rainy last week of November, co-creation specialists and pilot leaders from 6 European cities cuddled together in a remote hostel in the dunes near the North Sea.

This four day workshop the partners of the Mobility Urban Values project had a complex agenda: agree on a common understanding of sometimes contested terms like co-creation and co-design. Decide on a common roadmap to organise co-creation sessions in hugely different communities -from snow strikken Helsinki to olive harvesting Fundao in Portugal.

And: define a process with which the results from all these communities can be collected in such a way that it delivers workable content for a common, fun game that is able to change ingrained mobility behaviour.

Most international workshops in research projects are organised in a brightly lit conference room in a hotel in one of the European capitals. For this workshop we chose a different approach as we felt this traditional model would not give enough time, focus and energy to deal with all the interdependencies and responsibilities.

Thus we stayed for four days in a seaside hostel – as it is almost winter, the accommodation was nearly vacant. We cooked (with some help), cleaned the dishes and rooms together and did not have to worry about ending times of any workshop – or discuss any other logistical issue a travelling group might have like finding the restaurant, the hotel or the bus. 100% of the time was used to discuss deliverables for MUV. The setting allowed not only progress in the project, but it also provided the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Although this format was a bit of an experiment the positive results were clear: all open issues had been discussed, decisions made,tasks divided and better work relations established. On contentious issues debates could go on during the evening and be decided the next day.

The coming two months, co-creation sessions will be organised in all 6 neighbourhoods that participate in MUV. The results will be shared here in later blogs.