MUV Open Day Palermo: the funny launch of the app in the neighbourhood Centro Storico

Last Friday, September 21st, the launch of MUV app was celebrated in Palermo through the first Open Day, a fun and informative event organized by PUSH and the Municipality to promote the game in the neighbourhood Centro Storico.

4 info stations were present around the area to attract citizens who had just started the weekend (the event took place between 17 to 21), to support them while downloading the very first release of MUV app and invite them to take part to the game circuit installed in Piazza Sant’Anna. All the people around were then invited to accept the challenge “Adopt sustainable solutions to survive a working day” and play 4 very funny games that reproduced the different moments of a normal worker’s day: wake up and find at least 2 black socks in a mountain of blue ones; go to work and solve very complicated tasks, such as mathematical operations; go out from the office and do a stunt shopping before the supermarket closes, literally playing basketball with your shopping cart; finally spend some time with your friends or family watching your favorite TV quiz (on sustainable mobility in your city of course!).

The game circuit had the dual purpose of amusing but also informing players about the state of urban mobility, showing them the discouraging percentages of the current modal split and proposing a fun alternative to improve these data and their own lifestyle, reducing the stress associated with traffic during our daily routine.



All the participants received gadgets and MUV lottery tickets that will allow them to win the incredible prizes offered by the first local supporting organizations.

Moreover, all the new MUVers who will use the app and move sustainably between September 24th and September 28th, will also compete for a special prize.

The raffle and prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday September 28th at Moltivolti.

The day after, Saturday September 29th from 9.30 to 17.00, there’ll be the second co-creation appointment with the Palermo community to design further game dynamics and make MUV more and more engaging and close to the neighbourhood’s habits and needs.

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