Introducing MUV app in Muide-Meulestede (Ghent)

During the last week of September, the MUV-app is introduced in the neighbourhood Muide-Meulestede (Ghent).

After a co-creation session in December 2017 with the citizens, the key figures in the neighborhood are targeted during the assembly of the citizen council Muide Meulestede Morgen, called ‘Het Atelier’. Flyers were also distributed during an official information market regarding a new bridge that will have an impact on mobility in this neighbourhood.

The main focus in this phase, is downloading the app and get familiar with the dynamics behind the game. Afterwards, their experiences and their suggestions on how to bring the app into action for neighbourhood purposes, will be collected.

Karen Soens, communication officer for MUV Ghent, did the copywriting for the flyer: ‘We chose a baseline that puts the focus on testing the game. The baseline is also a quote of one of the participants in the co-creation session, that summarized it in a humoristic way: ‘I will do it, but only for a fried sausage.’ As you know, in Belgium we love fries and fried sausage. But in our neighbourhood there is a very famous fried stand. So, it made sense to have a local twist to it. It’s funny, in Dutch. And it’s also exactly the snack we will provide during our next co-creation session”.

More updates from the other neighbourhoods coming in October.