Launching MUV app in Fundão

On September 22nd, seizing the opportunity of celebrating the European Mobility Week, the Municipality of Fundão and Bag Consulting introduced the MUV game to the neighbourhood.
Press and locals gathered in the public garden of Fundão around the outside stand of the municipality. The vice-mayor presented the game and explained the basic rules and purposes.

The main purpose of the event was to encourage people to download the app, to use it and to increase the frequency of walks or bike-riding around the city. As to serve this objective a challenge of approximately one month was launched and the winner will be the MUVer accumulating the higher number of points in the app. What is needed now is getting feedback from users and suggestions for improving the app.


The local community reacted very well and was thrilled with the game. In order to provide the right incentive and enough enthusiasm, players in Fundão have a chance to win an official Cristiano Ronaldo shirt at Juventus. Let the challenge begin!