Launching the app in the 6 neighbourhoods

1 game, 6 neighbourhoods


15 months after the start of our project, the time has come to launch the MUV-app in the 6 neighbourhoods. The tool is very important as it will allow us to collect mobility data on the neighborhoods where users will play and the game should be fun enough to have on board a lot of people motivated to play and thus move sustainably.

Each of our neighbourhoods has its own challenges and features. MUV pilot coordinators, in the past months, worked close to communities to get a grasp of what is needed to succeed. How could this game work for them? With the technique of co-creation we specified open ended and tailor made solutions on community level.

In this phase the MUV app is generic for each city. We will go through further cycles of co-creation with local communities to have a more and more site-specific and customized tool.

Each neighbourhoods has it’s approach


Citizens are the main users of our app. They have to download and use it, become players and provide feedback to ameliorate the game. How will we do that?

No need to say that in each city our target group is different. Through co-creation we already got an insight of the thoughts, needs, fears and dreams of the different communities in each city. We used then this information to create the right approach and communication towards them.

Each pilot coordinator has recently created an opportunity to introduce the game to their target group and this happened in most of the cases during the EU Mobility Week.
We called these the MUV Open Days but each of them have its own format. Palermo created a city game, on Friday Night, perfect for young people to have fun with their peers. Elderly in Amsterdam will go for active, guided walking tours and be introduced to the app. A car free day in Fundao was a great opportunity to connect with inhabitants that are experiencing sustainable transportation in the city centre. In Ghent the challenge is about empowering the engaged citizens with data so MUV will be presented on different citizen councils regarding mobility. In Helsinki the launch of the app will be implemented in a bigger event regarding the future of the neighborhood. Barcelona will introduce the app in the neighbourhood of San Andreu invonving all the most relevant local stakeholders.

The next level for the game & MUV.


As citizens become familiar with the app and MUV, they will have valuable ideas of how this tool can become a changemaker for urban mobility in their neighbourhood. We will collect their ideas and use them to release new features in the game. Each neighborhood will build a tailormade version of the MUV-app. So, we have a lot to go for in the next 15 months!

Check out the MUV app in the App Store & Google Play or download it now on .

Welcome to the MUVement!