Wio D’Hespeel’s presentation about MUV @Creative Ring Sum-It

“MUV: a novel approach to tackling urban mobility challenges” was the title of the presentation made by Ingwio D’Hespeel (LUCA School of Arts), at the Creative Ring Sum-It, on October 23, in Eindhoven.


[youtube v=”ms0R9VhuOm0″]


The Sum-it was held during the largest design event in Northern Europe, the ’Dutch Design Week’, presenting works and concepts from more than 2.600 designers to more than 335.000 visitors from the country and abroad. MUV was presented through a pitch to introduce the concept to a wider audience. The presentation was also a great opportunity to promote the MUV Open Call expiring on October 31st.

Where has the ‘mobile’ in urban ‘mobility’ gone? Cities usually tackle the mobility challenge with impressive infrastructural interventions, urban planning, smart traffic systems, etc. A human centered approach is currently having good impacts, fuelled by co-creation methods.

MUV is also exploring a totally new angle: gameplay. How can a game have an impact on (local) mobility behaviours? Can the data recorded and generated throughout the project be the glue that holds together an ecosystem of inhabitants, policy makers, local organizations and businesses, hackers and makers, data specialists and Municipalities?

Here you can read the interview to Ingwio D’Hespeel published on the Creative Ring Sum-It website.