MUV partners in Palermo: Back where everything started

On November 13th and 14th, the MUV coordinator PUSH hosted for the second time the members of the project management team and the six pilot managers for 2 intense working days focusing on the next crucial steps for the project, now officially halfway through.
The first day was totally dedicated to exploring the technical state of the art of MUV in view of the upcoming midterm review.
On the second day, all the pilot managers gathered together to discuss on very important aspects for the next 18 months. First point of discussion was how to effectively plan the second piloting phase in the six neighbourhoods and thus how, learning from experience, to keep the MUV app users and other city actors on board motivated and involved, what are the next steps for the co-creation process and how to continue enlarging our local communities. We want people in our neighborhoods to keep on playing with urban mobility and co-design with us new features to improve the mobile app, we want to make local businesses and organizations feel part of the process and everyday happier to support us, we want a constant and fruitful dialogue with policy makers to explore how the evidences we are collecting can be translated in more effective mobility policies for our cities.
Last but not least MUV consortium got ready to welcome the new very different associate cities selected thanks to the Open Call that will be announced in the next few days (stay tuned!).

The working sessions were pleasantly interspersed with sun, food and Sicilian warmth, a perfect context to think about the future of MUV.

Here a short video made by LUCA School of Arts during the event. Enjoy!

[youtube v=”-FAtF2xIWGE”]