Residents co-creating MUV monitoring stations in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki

This spring, the first set of monitoring stations will be deployed in the MUV pilot cities. In the MUVerhood of Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, the residents have taken active role in co-creating MUV monitoring stations.

Forum Virium Helsinki organised a co-creation workshop for the residents on November 30th 2019, with the aim to co-design the local features of the MUV app and to think about the role and purpose of the monitoring stations in Jätkäsaari. The event gathered residents and air-quality experts from HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority) to brainstorm together what should be measured, where, and when. Also, it was offered to residents the possibility to adopt air-quality sensors on their balconies and this sparked the first interested locals to start contributing immediately.

“The residents are very interested in the quality of their living environment. Our DIY-IoT (Do it yourself Internet of Things) experts ran a demonstration with air-quality sensors and real-time data visualisation. Candle smoke and sand dust were used to simulate exhaust fumes and road dust. For many it was an eye-opening experience to see how real-time data can be produced and examined with relatively little effort and cost.” says Janne Rinne, the MUV pilot manager from Forum Virium Helsinki.

The co-creation workshop resulted in a list of preferred locations for the MUV monitoring stations. These included the busiest streets and intersections, sites by the seashore, pedestrian streets, Ruoholahti canal, parks, and kids’ playgrounds, sportsfields, kindergarten and school yards. The precise locations will be decided by Forum Virium Helsinki, according to suitable infrastructure for installation. Most likely, the options will be residents’ balconies, Jätkäsaari info pylons and facilities of local shops or other stakeholders.

“Air-quality was clearly the most interesting environmental aspect for the residents, and this is highlighted in the first set of monitoring stations to be deployed. On the other hand, traffic related information – such as traffic flow, queuing times and travel times – was of high interest. This is something we will probably dig deeper into with the following monitoring stations” says Janne Rinne.

The first monitoring stations are already installed along Välimerenkatu, one of Jätkäsaari’s main streets. The rest of the first ten stations will be deployed during the coming weeks.