Tailor made trainings and rewards for MUVers

In the MUV mobile game, MUVers can collect points by walking, cycling and using public transportation. They install the game on their phone and register trips to climb the city and global rankings. By taking part to challenges or special trainings, they can progress in the game and gain both virtual and physical rewards.

The MUV game is available for use in different cities. However, the game is customized together with citizens at local level through ad hoc co-creation sessions. The game dynamics are the same in each city, but challenges & gifts are tailor made on the neighborhood level. Co-creation gave pilot coordinators insights about the target groups and what would motivate them to use the app. Real gifts from local business owners adhering as sponsors is one of them. In return for the gifts, the sponsors get their own branded challenge in the game and gain visibility in the app, social media and even in this article.

Here are some gifts that MUVers from different cities were rewarded with:

Ghent & Coffee

Belgians love their coffee in the morning. The neighborhood school offers a coffee to the parents after dropping of the kids. When these parents were engaged to use the MUV-app, we created a tailor-made challenge.

By doing 4 morning walks or bike rides to school in a week, they earned a free specialty coffee (or other hot beverage) in an Instagram-perfect coffeehouse in the neighborhood: the Cocotine.

Palermo & Theatre

Palermitans love going to the Theatre, especially if it’s the Massimo Theatre, one of the most relevant cultural institutions considered also as a symbol of the city. When it formally adhered to MUV as sponsor, PUSH co-designed with it a special training to make MUVers win free tickets to enter one of the most awaited shows of the summer season 2019: The Bolero Dance Show. The challenge was as follow: Register a trip of at least 200 points ending in front of the Theatre, shoot a selfie using the brand new “Celebrate” feature in app and share it on Facebook tagging both MUV Game and “Teatro Massimo” fanpages.

Helsinki & Sauna

Finland has a rich and diverse sauna culture, and now it is used as an incentive to promote environmentally friendly mobility choices to the inhabitants of the Jätkäsaari district in Helsinki.

By performing a light walking task in MUV, they can claim free admission to Uusi Sauna, their urban neighbourhood sauna.

Barcelona, Health & Safety

MUV Barcelona is active in the Sant Andreu neighborhood. In that neighborhood, there is a very popular Swimming Club: The Sant Andreu Swimming Club. It’s highly recognized in the whole city with several athletes involved in international water competitions. I2CAT together with CNSA proposed special Training Sessions to the MUVers with the possibility to win interesting discounts of the monthly fee, free club registration, … or access to fitness-directed activities within the sports complex.

Another Special Training Session was sponsored by Insigpol, a safety equipment store. Winners were able to choose between a trekking hat, a MUV cap, a t-shirt or a buff or a discount.

In whatever city you are MUVing, it’s very important to engage the local business owners that are appealing to your target group. An incentive is a trigger to push MUVers to keep up with the special training. It’s also an opportunity to create more visibility for MUV in the city.


Photocredits: (c) Visit Finland, Photographer: SEK