The second international Open Call is out. Do you want to join the MUVement?

And here we are with a new chance the MUV consortium offers to more cities to join the MUVement: the second Open Call, launched today during the CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz (Austria).

As the pilot experimentation enters the next, crucial and final phase, it’s time to engage new communities to enrich the MUV approach with fresh perspectives, unforeseen problems and unexpected creativities.

Who are we looking for? New Associate Cities willing to play the “Sustainable City Tournament” together with the 16 cities already involved or Associate Partners interested in organizing dedicated Tournaments (i.e. among neighbourhoods in one city, among different departments in your organization, etc).

MUV levers behavioural change in local communities using an innovative approach to improve urban mobility: enhancing citizens’ sustainable and healthy mobility habits through a game that mixes digital and physical experiences and gathers data. This data helps policymakers to enhance planning processes and civic hackers to build new services to improve local quality of life in a more effective way.

With MUV, Cities can engage in a positive way with citizens, local businesses, policymakers and Open Data enthusiasts. The MUV app and its game dynamics have been co-created with strong learning communities of users and stakeholders across EU over the last 2 years and a half.

The Open Call is open to citizen groups, local business organizations, city governments, universities, research centres and NGOs in all kind of neighbourhoods (rural and urban, sparse and populous, low-tech or smart).

Interested? Complete the online form. A MUV partner will contact you shortly to guide you through the application process.

Join the MUV network of innovating cities, set up a MUVerhood and become an urban mobility game-changer! 


Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2019.