The revolutionary anti-pollution paint Airlite, global sponsor of this Sustainable City Tournament

We are very happy to announce that Airlite, the innovative air purification technology that is applied on every type of surface just like a normal paint, is officially our global sponsor for the second ongoing MUV Sustainable City Tournament.

Airlite is a revolutionary technology that transforms indoor walls (of houses, offices, schools, etc.) and outdoor walls (of buildings and public walls) into natural air purifiers powered by solar energy. Its use has many benefits: it neutralizes odours, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, eliminates and prevents mold, repels dust and dirt, reduces air pollution by up to 88.8% and energy costs by up to 50%. You can currently invest in Airlite on MamaCrowd platform and contribute to its growth.

A few figures to perfectly visualize its benefits: one square meter covered by Airlite eliminates 0.069 g of nitrogen oxides every 12 hours. Therefore, 1000 metres of Airlite eliminate in 12 hours the pollution produced by 71.88 petrol cars or 23 diesel cars Euro 4, or 95.83 petrol cars or 31.94 diesel cars Euro 5. If we try to measure the phenomenon with trees we could say that thanks to Airlite almost 200.000 m2 of forest were planted.

It is definitely the perfect sponsor of our Sustainable City Tournament. Isn’it?

So who will win Airlite and how? The winning city of the Tournament, which will end on December 8, will be awarded with the free supply for a mural that will be created by a local artist selected through an Open Call. The top three MUVers in the winning city will get a free supply of Airlite for their home walls, while the top three in all the other EU cities participating in the Tournament will be rewarded with a 25% discount on the purchase of the product.

But that’s not the end of the story: Airlite intends in fact to reward all those MUVers in Europe who are committed to more sustainable daily mobility habits and not just those involved in the competition. In the next few days, a Special Training will be launched to reward those who reduce CO2 emissions resulting from routinary trips.

At the end of the first edition of the Sustainable City Tournament (July 2019) we measured a reduction of almost 2 tons of CO2 emissions: what can MUVers achieve in this Tournament and using Airlite in their cities and houses? We’re looking forward to find it out!

For more information, please download the latest app release:


Move sustainably, have fun and make our cities greener 💚