MUV Sustainable City Tournament: Milan is the champion!

We have a champion!

Yesterday was the end of the II MUV Sustainable City Tournament, the mobility challenge that involved in this edition sixteen cities in the world.

The matches, exciting from the first one to the last one, immediately showed the competitiveness of the teams.

All the citizens who use the MUV app recorded their trips around the city walking, biking or using public transports.

About 500 players were active in the game and the strongest were the citizens of Milano. The Milanese team defeated, in fact, Palermo in the final match reaching the record of about 90,000 points in only one week

Sustainable City Tournament_Milan

But until the last hours, this victory was not so obvious. During most of the week, the score of the two cities differed only for a bunch of points.

Let’s have a look at the other teams!

A brilliant Barcelona completes the podium in its third place, while in the fourth and fifth places we find two MUV Associate Cities: the Polish Katowice, followed by Teresina (Brazil) who for a few thousand points is above Ghent (Belgium).

Then we have Munich (Germany) in the seventh place, Rome in the eighth, Sosnowiec (Poland) is ninth and the last of the Italian teams involved, Cagliari, just tenth.

In the final places of the rankings, we find Ostend (Belgium), Amsterdam, Fundao (Portugal), Helsinki, Gliwice (Poland) and Šabac (Serbia).


Sustainable City Tournament Sustainable City Tournament


The victory belongs to everyone

As happened last time the victory nevertheless belongs to everyone. The game has, in fact, contributed to changing the individual mobility habits of active users on their routinary routes (home-work and others). Participants recorded an average decrease of 32.4% of the individual CO2 emissions!

A tribute goes to all the citizens who in recent months have covered the approximately 180,000 sustainable km. If they had been run by a car, would have released into the atmosphere about 27 tons of CO2. 

All the mobility data collected belong to the same communities that produced them. They will be used to trigger further participatory processes and contribute to the identification of new measures to improve sustainable mobility and make cities more liveable.

Once the challenge is over, it’s time for prizes

The winning team Milan is ready to get a graffiti made with the anti-pollution paint Airlite, global sponsor of the challenge.

A local artist will be selected ad hoc for this and, together with citizens, will create a street artwork on a city wall. Airlite also awards the best athletes who have distinguished themselves for the sustainability of their choices with a free supply of the paint for their apartments.

The best of all the other European cities involved will be invited to buy the product with a discount of 25%.


We are planning a new edition of the MUV Sustainable City Tournament for January 2020.

All the interesting cities/organizations have time until December 15th to apply and to participate through the form on the project website.