21 cities competing in the III Sustainable City Tournament

The third edition of the International Tournament among cities on sustainable mobility started on January 27th. Twenty-one cities are competing in this edition.

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Fundao, Ghent, Helsinki, Palermo, Rome, Teresina, Cagliari, Gliwice, Katowice, Munich, Milan, Ostend, Sabac, Sosnowiec Arrecife, Codlea, San Donà di Piave, Chieri and Catania. All cities are very different from each other. But all the MUVers in these cities are contributing towards changing their mobility habits. They downloaded the app ‘MUV’ and are turning their mobility behavior into a sport.

At the end of the Tournament, the best team and the most valuable sustainable mobility “athletes” will be rewarded with local prizes and discounts. The 3 best players of the winning team will be hosted to the Maker Fair in Rome, our partner in this Tournament. Maker Faire Rome is an event designed to turn the spotlight on hundreds of projects from around the world that are able to catapult visitors into the future.

The Tournament ends on March 2nd. We are excited to find out which city will win the competition. But most of all, to see the impact on mobility habits of the MUVers and how many tons of CO2 emissions will be saved. During the previous edition of the Sustainable City Tournament, approximately 180,000 sustainable km were recorded by the MUV app.