Ghent is the champion of the MUV Sustainable City Cup!

Last Sunday the final of the MUV Sustainable City Cup, the competition involving 21 cities in the world, was played.

About 400 players challenged each other during 5 weeks and the city of Ghent, lead by its legendary MUVer Christof V., won the Cup!

The Belgian team defeated an indomitable team Rome (even during the covid-19 Italian emergency…) in the final match with a new record of 115.429 points!

Bronze medal went to San Donà di Piave (Italy) that, by defeating Milan (4th – Italy), the former Champion, is definitely the revelation of this Sustainable City Cup edition.

In fifth and sixth place we find Palermo (Italy) and Teresina (Brazil), then Barcelona (7th – Spain) and the new Associate City Chieri (8th – Italy). In the ninth position another new Associate City, Codlea from Romania, followed by Cagliari (10th – Italy), Fundão (11th – Portugal) and Catania (12th – Italy). Munich’s last victory against Helsinki (14th – Finland) brought Bavarians to 13th position, Katowice (Poland) and Ostende (Belgium) close the best 16 chart. The last five cities (which didn’t make it to the playoffs) are: Gliwice (Poland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Šabac (Serbia), Sosnowiec (Poland) and Arrecife (Spain).

As happened last time (and even more this time!) the victory nevertheless belongs to everyone: MUVers changed their routinary trips (home-work and others), achieving an average decrease of 38% of the individual CO2 emissions.

Here some figures about the whole experience we run so far:

  • Registered MUVers: 4.979
  • Recorded trips: 70.591
  • Walking trips: 41.529
  • Biking trips: 19.493
  • Public Transport trips: 9.569
  • Sustainable Kilometres : 261.887,82
  • Cities issues feedback: 150
  • MUV app feedback: 444


In coherence with the MUV objectives, all the mobility data collected belong to the same communities that produced them and will be used to trigger further participatory processes and contribute to the identification of new measures to improve sustainable mobility and make cities more liveable.

Now that the challenge is over, it’s time for prizes: the winning team Ghent is ready to move to Rome in October for the Maker Faire, global sponsor of the Cup: the 3 best best-players win a sustainable trip to Rome, a night in a Hotel and and tickets for the Faire, all the other best players of the remaining 19 teams get free tickets to join over 100.000 innovation enthusiasts and glimpse the future.

new Tournament is about to start in a few days: thanks to our U-mob friends, more than 20 universities from all over Europe will fight each other to find out who’s the most sustainable!

Moreover, thanks to MUVer’s sharp feedback and insights, new exciting updates are about to be launched…Stay tuned!!