MVV is collaborating with MUV to analyse the effectiveness of gamification concept in changing people’s mobility behaviour. MVV region comprises of both, very densely built up urban areas as well as very sparsely populated rural areas. The city of Munich and its surrounding counties have seen a massive growth in population in the last decades. This is due to the fact that MVV region offers a high quality of life and is home to a large number of high-tech industries, educational and research institutions as well as tourist destinations. Due to this population explosion and heavy dependency on cars, the MVV region has to deal with severe traffic problems and often exceeds its pollution limits.


City of Munich



City Area (sqkm)

2480 km2

Density City



City of Munich, counties of Starnberg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Dachau & Munich

Neighborhood Population

City of Munich: 1,456,039 - County of Dachau: 152,703 - County of Fürstenfeldbruck: 217,831 - County of Munich: 346,433 - County of Starnberg: 135,545

Neighborhood Area (sqkm)

Munich: 310.7 km2 - Dachau: 579 km2 - Fürstenfeldbruck: 435 km2 - County of Munich: 667.3 km2 - Starnberg: 488 km2

Density Neighborhood

Munich: 4,700/km2 - Dachau: 260/km2 - Fürstenfeldbruck: 500/km2 - County of Munich: 520/km2 - Starnberg: 280/km2